Book of Protection

A Quest bestowed

The last day of the Summer fair is coming to a close. The merchants are selling the last of their goods and the performers are trying to get loose change from those who are packing up to go home.  The King's Tournament is announced: 9 contenders in a round robin tourney, the winner is bestowed the title of King's champion as well as a handsome reward is given to the champion. 3 guards, two farmers, an archer, a barbarian who is easily distinguishable by his lack of hygiene and aura of strength, Ebrin and Jane stand in the middle of the tourney field shaking hands and wishing luck to their fellow competitors.


Jane last two round and Ebrin 3. During the semi-finals the crowds were getting more and more riled up, excited to see who would be titled the King's Champion. The first round, the barbarian and the archer. in the first round of volleys the barbarian knocked the archer out cold. The second and third round knocked off two of the remaining guards leaving the barbarian and guard in the final round. The barbarian swings and missed by an inch, leaving himself open to  a solid whack from the guards club. Perturbed that the guard hit him, he punch the guard in the face, breaking his jaw! The herald of the tourney announce the barbarian as Kings champion! A roar from the crowd emerges as their new champion is escorted up to the palace grounds…. to be continued


Starkhafn Starkhafn

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